Rooster's Revenge
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Rooster's Revenge by Beatrice Rodriguez

A seafaring adventure! A storm! Giant turtles! Glowing slugs! A tale of excitement and surprise, Rooster's Revenge, which follows both the acclaimed 2010 book The Chicken Thief and Fox and Hen Together (recently published) is sure to delight!

Together with Bear and Rabbit, the disappointed Rooster is making his way home over the sea when a terrific storm hits. After running aground in the storm, the trio finds itself in a strange cave. Rooster notices a mysterious glowing ball. What kind of a ball is it? Will it lead them to safety or to more trouble? And will the friends ever find their way home?

This richly funny wordless offering from BĂ©atrice Rodriguez is full of enchantment. It's also a surprising guide to mending a broken heart.

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